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Oh, Lindsay. . .

I'm so sorry your movie BOMBED!

Friday Box Office Analysis

Mission: Impossible III narrowly holds on to the top spot as disaster movie Poseidon flounders. We're still waiting for the summer movie season to really get started.


The Wolfgang Petersen film opened with $7.2 million, pretty much around expectations now considering how much its stock has fallen in recent weeks. With that said, the reported budget is in the $200 million range, so no one at Warner Bros. is particularly happy right now. Mission: Impossible 3 ended up with a 2.9 multiplier last weekend, so something pretty similar might be in store for Poseidon. Figure about $20.5 million for the weekend.

Just My Luck

The Linsdey Lohan comedy only earned about $2 million Friday, meaning this film is the real disaster of the week. Perhaps people are tired of Lohan, or any teen fans she has didn't want to see her in a more "adult" role. Whatever the case, look for Just My Luck to earn about $5.6 million for the weekend.

Goal: The Dream Begins

Sadly, the dream ends right away as Goal could only muster $635,000 Friday on its 1,007 screens. Call it a weekend total of about $2 million.

Mission Impossible: III

Mission: Impossible III drops 54% from last Friday's figure. Good? Bad? Doesn't matter because the film is already labeled as a financial disaster? You decide! The weekend decline should get a little bit under 50%, look for a second weekend total of about $25 million, still good for first place. 

Projected Estimates for the Top Ten (Three-Day)
Estimated Gross
1 Mission:Impossible 3 25.2
2 Poseidon 20.5
3 RV 2.9
4 Just My Luck 5.6
5 An American Haunting 3.9
6 Stick It 3.5
7 United 93 3.4
8 Ice Age: The Meltdown 2.8
9 Silent Hill 2.2
10 Goal: The Dream Begins 1.9

Source: Box Office Prophets

So now that her music has bombed, her movies have bombed - does this mean she will ever go away?  Does anyone else get a serious Molly Ringwald vibe from her?  Let's hope she is just as temporary.
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