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You can do it, David Blaine!

David Blaine Wants to Try Stunt Again 

David Blaine was having convulsions and was "unconscious when we brought him to the surface" to be rescued from his 2,000-gallon saltwater tank during a breath-holding stunt on Monday night, according to his trainer.

Even so, Blaine's team tells the Associated Press that the illusionist wants to try the stunt again – only next time he plans to do it without being in a tank for a week beforehand.

"He is going over everything he did and analyzing what happened," said Dr. Murat Gunel, the head of Blaine's medical team. "He is remarkably strong."

As for pulling Blaine out of his bubble on Monday: "I wasn't focused on records; I was thinking of a rescue," said trainer Kirk Krack, a free-diving expert. "If we hadn't intervened, he would still be at the bottom of the sphere doing a breath-hold."

Blaine, 33, had been submerged in the aquarium with an oxygen mask for a week. He was saved as he struggled to break a breath-holding record of 8 minutes, 58 seconds. Instead, he made it to 7 minutes, 8 seconds as a finale to his endurance stunt at Lincoln Center, which was televised live on ABC.

Blaine checked himself out of Roosevelt Hospital on Tuesday. Friends escorted him out in a wheelchair and then assisted his getting into a waiting car. Once home, he took a hot shower, played cards and was able to eat.

But "he was crying" Monday night, said Dr. Murat Gunel, the head of Blaine's medical team. "He still feels today that he let people down."

In addition, Blaine's liver and kidney functions suffered while he was submerged but are now improving. His skin, which was peeling Monday night, "looks much better today," said Gunel.

His team concluded that strenuous training and losing 50 pounds so his body would require less oxygen left Blaine too tired before he entered the sphere.

I think he can do it, he wasted too much energy trying to get out of the chains.   The other people woh attemped the world record didn't have to do all that other crap.
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lmao he's lame

but I'd probably bang him
Is it just me or does that look like a photo that could have come from Abu Gharib?
It just needs some fugly hillbilly pointing to his junk.


11 years ago

david blaine has one weakness


But damn, come on people - 7 minutes is fucking impressive. I hope he proves all you bitches wrong and breaks the record.


11 years ago

Ooh, creepy photo.
I remember seeing the commercial for the event though, and it said "Watch David Blaine hold his breath for 9 minutes... or die trying." Not that I want him to die or anything, but false advertising much?
Can we sue him for failing to follow through on a promise?
I just wish I got the point of some of his stunts.

Like, what was the point of being in that tank of water for so long?! Just to say "Haaaaay, I once lived for a week in a fish bowl. Ya rly."

I mean, I can see wanting to try to break the breath holding record, but, just did not get all the 'extra bonus things' he felt necessary to add to his stunt.
He always looks possessed or high.
The way he talks doesn't help. It's as if he's got a mouth full of shit and is trying to get out each word without tasting it. It weirds me out.
Yeah. I could live without him talking.
I deleted it. That isn't a valid post. I know you have a creative, funny, and entertaining post in you - but that wasn't it.


11 years ago


11 years ago

"played cards"

picture him looking like this only donning a big ol' cuban cigar and opening cans of beer with the guys :O