Ezra Better Than LeMarke (touchofmascara) wrote in thesourapple,
Ezra Better Than LeMarke

The ConeZone Hits Chicago This Week!

Conan O'Brien fans line up for slim chance at tickets
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How long would you stand in line to see Conan O'Brien's show?

For some Chicagoans, the answer is a heck of a long time.

More than 100 fans are lined up in downtown Chicago today for the slim chance at getting stand-by tickets to tonight's taping of Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

At the front of that line is 20-year-old Beatrice Jara, who arrived at eight o'clock last night. Jara says she settled in for the long wait because she's a big fan and O'Brien probably won't come back to Chicago anytime soon.

Jara's friend, William Houston, says they've spent their time in line eating french fries, drinking cola and trying to stay awake.

Tonight is O'Brien's first show in Chicago. His guests will be actor Sean Hayes and the group Cheap Trick.

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