Ezra Better Than LeMarke (touchofmascara) wrote in thesourapple,
Ezra Better Than LeMarke

No Naked Ace Young For Us

No Truth In Alleged Playgirl Magazine Offer To "American Idol" Finalist Ace Young 

Communication between Ace Young and Playgirl Magazine Never Transpired

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 12, 2006 -- Rumors circulating online and in print media regarding the supposed Playgirl Magazine offer to "American Idol" finalist Ace Young to pose nude in the publication for $100,000 is a complete fabrication.

Ace Young has never engaged in any form of communication with Playgirl Magazine and became aware of this ridiculous story only after reading about it on the internet. Ace has no intention of posing for Playgirl Magazine now or in the future.

After being voted off of "American Idol", Ace has been busy writing songs, and preparing for the upcoming American Idol summer tour. Ace also spends much of his free time supporting fundraising efforts for ‘The Children Hospital' in Denver, Colorado.

Source: Press Release

Now that this little rumor is debunked, let me pose a question to the Crabapples of this community:
If you could decree that a certain male celebrity must post nude for Playgirl, who would you pick?

I would pick George Clooney, because he is too big of star to ever do it, and maybe it will wipe the smug off his face.

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