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Crazy Faye.

This place is practically dead. -_-

To liven it up, here are some crazy phone messages from Faye Dunaway, left for some A&E producer at six in the morning. Oldies, yes, but goodies. That pinched, pulled, & veneered bitch is one fucking crazy egoist. I miss the old Faye.

"Yeah, Jack, this is Faye Dunaway..."

My favorite is how she fancies "Don Juan DeMarco" a cinematic classic. lolz.
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Creepy Sheen Sex Secrets

Charlie Sheen is a pervert with an appetite for young girls.

This is the startling claim from a woman who recently dated the actor after meeting on an online dating service.  “He’s about as sick as they come,” the unidentified woman – an aspiring actress in her late 20s – revealed to Life & Style.

“We dated for about a month. He’s such a f—king perv. He would ask me to dress up, like, in pigtails and schoolgirl outfits. I don’t think he’s like a pedophile, but he’s definitely into really young girls.”

The woman told the magazine she believes the shocking claims of Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards, who accused the star of watching pornography featuring young women.

The source claims Sheen “absolutely hates Denise.  “He would call her ‘that demon’ or say, ‘she’s the antichrist.’”

Sheen and Richards agreed this month to extend a restraining order that keeps him away from his estranged wife. Richards obtained the order after claiming that Sheen threatened and assaulted her.

The unnamed woman claims she met Sheen on an Internet dating site.  “He posed as a talent scout (and) left a message that was, like, ‘Hi, this is Mr. Jonze, I’m interested in seeing more pictures of you.’ When I called him back, after a few minutes of talking, he told me who he was.

“He was a big talker, and once I asked him if he was this open with all his girlfriends. He said that he was. He said, 'I like to get to know everyone, even pros.' He calls prostitutes pros.”

She also claims the Two and a Half Men star used Viagra before sex, “which is kind of weird.”  The woman says she feels used by Sheen.
  “Then one day, out of the blue, I can't reach him," she revealed. "I call and it's dead air. He didn't even have the decency to break up with me.”

Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield says the woman’s claims are “not true.”

Source: Canada.com
Really?  I know it's a weird source, but you Canadians much love your Sheen.
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NBC Fall Schedule

The networks are annoucing their Fall schedules this week.  This is when we get to know what the official new shows are and what shows have been officially canceled!

Here is the list of shows NBC has cancelled:
  • 'Book of Daniel'
  • 'Conviction'
  • 'E-Ring'
  • 'Fear Factor'
  • 'Four Kings'
  • 'Heist'
  • 'Inconceivable'
  • 'Joey'
  • 'Surface'
  • 'Teachers'
  • 'Three Wishes'
  • 'The West Wing'
  • 'Will & Grace' (does this really count as being cancelled?)

FEAR FACTOR?  Not my one retarded guilty pleasure (okay I actually have quite a few).

Here is a link to information about the new shows
The shows that look the most interesting to me are 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which seem to have identical premises).

Despite previous news otherwise, Andy Barker P.I. -with our favorite Andy Ritcher! is going to get on the air midseason!

SourApple favorite Jeff Goldblum is getting his own show called Raines.

Also, Scrubs will be getting another midseason run.  So yes, it's BACK!  Story Link

More news on the NBC lineup can be found HERE

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No Naked Ace Young For Us

No Truth In Alleged Playgirl Magazine Offer To "American Idol" Finalist Ace Young 

Communication between Ace Young and Playgirl Magazine Never Transpired

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 12, 2006 -- Rumors circulating online and in print media regarding the supposed Playgirl Magazine offer to "American Idol" finalist Ace Young to pose nude in the publication for $100,000 is a complete fabrication.

Ace Young has never engaged in any form of communication with Playgirl Magazine and became aware of this ridiculous story only after reading about it on the internet. Ace has no intention of posing for Playgirl Magazine now or in the future.

After being voted off of "American Idol", Ace has been busy writing songs, and preparing for the upcoming American Idol summer tour. Ace also spends much of his free time supporting fundraising efforts for ‘The Children Hospital' in Denver, Colorado.

Source: Press Release

Now that this little rumor is debunked, let me pose a question to the Crabapples of this community:
If you could decree that a certain male celebrity must post nude for Playgirl, who would you pick?

I would pick George Clooney, because he is too big of star to ever do it, and maybe it will wipe the smug off his face.

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Another Futurama Rumor. . .

 Futurama coming back to Fox?

Look, I'm sick of getting my hopes up on this, but here is the latest rumor:

From: TVsquad.com

OK, here's the latest of the rumor we've heard about Futurama in the last six months: According to this CNN article that goes through a bunch of rumors about the 2006-07 season, the speculation ahead of Fox' upfront presentation is that they are going to begin airing new episodes of the Matt Groening cult classic. Conisdering we've been hearing things about movies and new episodes for some time, this isn't much of a surprise. But, at the very least, CNN is reporting it instead of some site like futuramaisthebestcartoonever.com, so maybe this is getting very close to reality.

Aforementioned CNN article

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Jason Bateman Enters "The Kingdom"

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Jason Bateman Enters "The Kingdom"

Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) has joined the cast of Universal Pictures' The Kingdom, the Peter Berg-directed terrorism film that's set to get under way this summer, reports Variety.

The film, which will also star Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner, follows a team of American counterterrorism agents who go to a hostile Middle Eastern country after a bombing attack against Americans there.

Written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the film is being produced by Michael Mann and Scott Stuber. Mary Parent and Film 44's John Cameron and Sarah Aubrey executive produce.

Bateman and Jennifer Garner together should rock. Too bad Jamie Foxx's presence might sully it.

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Okay, enough is enough...

The speculation and heat that surrounded Katie Homes and Tom Cruise seems to have subsided just a bit, but that may be by design. A published report says that Tom Cruise has some very strict rules he'd like Katie to adhere to - when Tom's away - for the little infant baby Suri.

A report from In Touch Weekly gives these details in this week's edition of the weekly magazine.

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Paris Hilton's New Video Game

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Paris Hilton unveiled her new video game Thursday but inexplicably called it by the wrong name as she greeted throngs of fans and photographers.

Wearing a green minidress and red platform pumps, Hilton made a brief appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to promote Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam. "Sorry I'm late," the heiress said.

"I'm really excited to have my new video game, Diamondquest. Thank you all for coming and you can download the game," she said.

After Hilton arrived, men in business suits jockeyed for space with reporters and computer geeks as she sat at a table posing for photographers while signing autographs.

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Hollywood friends rally around Tom Cruise

 In a rare public show of support for a beleaguered star, some of Hollywood's top executives rallied to Tom Cruise's side on Wednesday as a new poll suggested his odd behaviour in recent months may have cost him millions of dollars at the box office.

Among the movie industry heavyweights offering personal testimonials to his talent and bankability were Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, veteran producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, whose company released Cruise's latest film, "Mission: Impossible III."

"Tom Cruise is one of the most important stars ever in the motion picture business," Ron Meyer, a close friend and former agent, told Reuters. "I don't know anybody who has had the consistent success rate that Tom has. And nobody should be counting him out."

Source: Reuters UK