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Heather vs. Denise

Neighbors Take Heather Locklear Side in Denise Richards Battle 

The battle between Heather Locklear and Denise Richards has been described by one neighbor of the pair as a battle just like ABC's Desperate Housewives and Wisteria Lane.  The two live almost next door to each other in an LA area neighborhood. Though no one's house has been burned down as on last night's episode of Desperate Housewives it appears that the neighbors are backing Heather.
A report in Star Magazine claims that the neighbors are giving the sultry 44-year old blonde support over Denise.  In the enclave of Westlake Village one neighbor is quoted in the magazine, "What Denise did was unforgivable.  She betrayed heather, Heather's daughter and allof us who live here," the unnamed neighbor says.  "This is a family oriented community and the last person I want living here is Denise Richards," another neighbor is quoted in the magazine as saying.  Looks like Denise won't be at any Tupperware parties on the cul-de-sac anytime soon.

Richie already has gotten the boot - at least from the home he once shared with Heather.  The guitarist for Bon Jovi reportedly had his "stuff" loaded up in a 'Mr. Move" moving van and shipped out by Heather to a storage area, reports the magazine.

And if he does move in with Denise - that doesn't seem like it would warm the neighbors at all given the reaction to the just the idea of Denise and Richie dating.

Source: National Ledger


Denise Richards may have won the heart of Heather Locklear's estranged husband Richie Sambora, but in the wake of their shocking romantic hook-up, Denise seems to be the clear loser versus ex-best friend Heather in the court of public opinion. Now, an industry source tells Star, there's a good chance Locklear will come out ahead of Richards again — professionally, this time — in the battle between their respective new ABC series pilots to gain a spot on next fall's TV schedule.

Locklear plays a widow embarking on a new life with her two best friends in the sitcom Women of a Certain Age; Richards leads an ensemble cast in Secrets of a Small Town, a drama about an unsolved murder in a rural community. "Both of the pilots were screened for ABC executives in New York and Los Angeles during the first week in May," says the source. "The competition over what pilots get picked up as new fall series is intense — and I think Heather is going to get the best of Denise in that arena. No one was too jazzed about Denise's show; the general feeling is it's kind of plodding. But Heather's show looks like a breakout hit. Everyone loved it. It could be the next Desperate Housewives for the network." 

Source: Star Magazine 

SATIRE LINK ALERT: Denise Richards Versus Heather Locklear

Oh, and here's a great Showbiz Show clip where David Spade Lampoons the situation: Head on over to YouTube.

"I thought guys just gambled a lot and told you to get cancer?"

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