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Paris Hilton's New Video Game

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Paris Hilton unveiled her new video game Thursday but inexplicably called it by the wrong name as she greeted throngs of fans and photographers.

Wearing a green minidress and red platform pumps, Hilton made a brief appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to promote Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam. "Sorry I'm late," the heiress said.

"I'm really excited to have my new video game, Diamondquest. Thank you all for coming and you can download the game," she said.

After Hilton arrived, men in business suits jockeyed for space with reporters and computer geeks as she sat at a table posing for photographers while signing autographs.

Her game, which can be played on a cellphone, will be available this summer. Video gamemaker Gameloft will produce a series of video games with Hilton.

The expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center showcases the latest innovations in the video game industry.



Please tell me why she's making video games? Is she trying to taint every single area of the entertainment industry? Fucking whore.
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